MAY 2020


By Christine Hess, Nevada Housing Coalition Executive Director

Dear NHC Members and Stakeholders,

Looking ahead to Nevada’s housing recovery and resiliency through the next phases of COVID-19, NHC continues to advocate for housing stability needs now, gather and provide information for our stakeholders and housing leaders, and keep our eye on a future of more affordable housing options for all Nevadans. We are thankful for all our partners working on the frontlines.

If you have just a minute, please scan the list of resources and information links that come in the full newsletter below. The amount of information coming at all of us in this time is overwhelming, but I did try to highlight some resources that you may not have seen yet or that may be particularly helpful.

Some of our recent activities during this time:

  • NHC convened a small group of stakeholders representing private industry, local government, nonprofits to develop feedback that was submitted to HUD regarding the factors they are considering for the new formula to allocate the remaining HUD funds as part of the CARES Act. Our letter is here.
  • NHC worked with the Guinn Center to access data for Nevada 2-1-1 that shows Housing & Shelter as the #1 request by callers, year-over-year, and continuing into the COVID-19 pandemic. The graphic is here and below.
  • Our next NHC Statewide Webinar, Nevada Housing & COVID-19: Anticipating the Recovery, is almost finalized and will be announced soon – initial details are below. Our first Statewide Webinar had 205 active participants with over 220 registered. 
  • The NHC Policy Committee is active and anticipating the 2021 Legislative Session. Affordable housing and housing security crosses all industry sectors. COVID-19 is highlighting how housing challenges affect some of our most vulnerable and their ability to access education, healthcare and have their most basic needs met in this difficult time. We are looking at policy opportunities for our elected leaders to consider.

As you may or may not know, Nevada Housing Coalition is a membership-based organization. We recently revised our membership and sponsorship schedules. You can check out our revised benefits and levels here.

Be safe and well,

Christine Hess
Executive Director




  • Monthly Newsletter– next month we will begin featuring an inside look at some of our Nevada affordable housing partners and their projects
  • News Blogs– there is so much information to communicate and especially now, monthly may not be soon enough! Get this information on your own time through our social channels or checking in with our News section.
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NHC Statewide Webinar, #2 – Nevada Housing & COVID-19: Anticipating the Recovery

We will feature the Nevada Housing Division and their role Nevada’s housing recovery, research from the Guinn Center on Nevada Housing with a look at the financial crisis and today, Clark County/MACC response and recovery efforts, updates from the Nevada Apartment Association and more. 

Coming very soon!


Congratulations to Opportunity Alliance Nevada for their speedy and timely launch of their new Financial Navigator program This is a one-on-one, virtual, support service using volunteers. They will not be licensed professionals, but folks with backgrounds that can work with the Crisis Team to help people in the community better navigate their emerging financial needs.

Employment Opportunity Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority: Deputy Director of Affordable Housing 

Employment Opportunities Nevada HAND 



There is so much information out there. NHC has highlighted some of the links that we think you may find helpful.

  • The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) is an excellent resource. They produce timely and relevant news and reports

o   A good breakdown of the moving bill in the House: Emergency Rental Assistance and Rental Market Stabilization Act to provide $100 billion in emergency rental assistance

o  NLIHC and CARES Act funding

o   Report showing need for $76B-$100B more federal funding for rental assistance based on research from financial crisis.

(Per the NLIHC, Nevada ranks #29 in these findings with estimated need in the next 12-months for rental assistance for severely cost-burdened households at $845M)

o   Housing Instability and COVID-19 map gives breakdowns by county in all the states:

o   FEMA Toolkit relative to housing:
o   HUD Waivers
o   Database to help understand what properties may be covered by the federal eviction moratorium