MARCH 2021


Dear NHC Members and Stakeholders,

This legislative session, Nevada is poised to take an important step towards the preservation of our valuable affordable housing stock through SB 12. The bill, which was introduced by the State Advisory Committee on Housing in November and received its first hearing by the Senate Government Affairs Committee on March 8th, would require the owner of any housing that has been financed by federal low-income housing tax credits or money provided by a governmental agency and that is subject to affordability restrictions to provide written notice before terminating those restrictions.

Why is Notification Important?

The notification provisions in SB 12 will give the Nevada Housing Division and local governments advanced notice of properties exiting the affordable housing program. It will buy us some time to connect properties for sale with good affordable housing stewards and to assemble the resources to preserve some of these developments. Two years ago, we lost 500 units in downtown Reno at Courtyard Center and City Center to the Qualified Contract process. By the time the City of Reno learned of this sale, it was too late to act.  With SB 12, the owner would have been required to notify the City in advance of opting out of the affordability restrictions. The bill also has tenant notification requirements that are unique to the Nevada bill, and will provide residents also with a heads up on the disposition plans for their development and resources for accessing other housing in the community.

We have 7,500 Units at High Risk of Losing Affordability Over the Next 5 Years.

Over the last several years Nevada has lost affordable units almost as fast as it creates new units, due to properties expiring out of their affordability restrictions or owners exercising a loophole in the regulations to opt early in a process called Qualified Contract. In fact, even with increased production over the last couple of years, Nevada’s net increase of affordable housing over the past 10 years has averaged just 136 units a year!

Based upon the National Low-Income Housing Coalition 2021 “Gap Report,” which was released this week, Nevada again has the least housing per capita in the country available to both low-income (< 50% of AMI) and extremely low-income households (<30% AMI)—by a wide margin!

Rehabilitating existing developments and keeping them affordable costs much less than building new, and of course, takes less time. That’s why preservation is essential component of a statewide affordable housing strategy. 

SB 12 is a Great First Step Towards Preserving Our Valuable Affordable Housing Portfolio

We want to thank the Advisory Committee on Housing and its Chair, Senator Ratti, for their extraordinary work on this bill as well as the legislative working group that has made a number of suggestions for improving the original bill language.

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Thank you for your support and engagement, Eric


All of our bills have been drafted (just got the final one today)! We are having meaningful stakeholder conversations and working hard on preparations for their introductions. Click on the bill numbers to view overview documents/graphics for each bill: SB12AB331 and AB334AB317.

NHC Priority Bills – 3/22/2021

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Our affordable housing shortage is extreme and we must take action now. Thank you to the research team for this valuable data that is collected annually. Unfortunately, once again, Nevada has some of the nation’s worst affordable housing statistics for our seniors, those with disabilities, caregivers and so many hard-working Nevadans.


Wednesday, March 24
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Nevada Housing Division Economist, Betsy Fadali, will give us the highlights from this year’s 2020 Annual Housing Report. We’ve asked her to speak to the trends she is seeing and some of the data points that stand out to her in Nevada’s progress (or not) over the past decade.

Monday, April 5
Homelessness & Housing Awareness Day 2021
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Clark County is seeking a Landlord Engagement Specialist as part of its comprehensive efforts to support rapid rehousing. Click HERE for the announcement. Complete submissions are due by 5 pm on March 30, 2021.

Project Based (Housing) Voucher wait list will open on March 19, 2021 for Larios Arms II Apartments in Winnemucca. For more information and application details, please click HERE.


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