By Christine Hess, Nevada Housing Coalition Executive Director

Dear NHC Members and Stakeholders,

Before I came to Nevada one year ago, I aimed to understand how Nevada, such an awesome place, had so many of its workers struggling  with housing affordability even amid economic growth. It’s become evident to all of us that so many who serve our communities and fuel Nevada’s economic engine – our teachers, small business employees, public safety officers, restaurant and hospitality workers – do not make wages that can afford them a safe, sanitary and comfortable place to live. With an economic development background, not only do I see Nevada’s opportunities, I see our weaknesses through that lens…and housing affordability is one of those.

Affordable housing in Nevada has been at crisis levels for decades, so why now?
This story is not new in Nevada and the pandemic has pushed too many past their struggles – hard-working Nevadans are being priced out of their own communities. Whether searching for the American Dream of homeownership or an affordable rental, many of our neighbors, families and friends simply want to raise their families, be near their work and live in their dream communities in the Silver State.

Why is the 2021 Legislative Session a tipping point for our leadership?
We need to advocate for productive conversations, and those oftentimes come with some discomfort. We are too far into our housing deficit to depend on the usual suspects in Nevada’s affordable housing world alone – the Nevada HAND, Shelter Properties, Public Housing Authorities, other mission-driven developers, and our local governments. They are working hard and as quickly as they can, but they cannot do it all and they do not necessarily have all the tools they need.

This Legislative Session is an opportunity for Nevada to double down on its affordable housing commitment (a commitment to identifying problems with solutions) without committing additional dollars. By passing enabling legislation that will add tools to the existing affordable housing toolbox, our local communities will have a more balanced portfolio of options to consider with all their stakeholders at the table. Without these new tools, our communities are left with measures that are limiting and do not build financial capacity to act. Conversely, many of the available options now cost our communities.

Affordable housing in Nevada is foundational to health, education, business, our overall recovery, and our future economic prosperity. It all starts at home. Think about it – without a place to call home, from where would your personal successes stem?



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When you support our policy solutions 2021 NHC Legislative Agenda you will be a part of the solution to address these affordable housing conditions and make a difference:

  • Shortage of affordable and available rental housing
  • Limited housing diversity in terms of housing type and price point, including for-sale and rental housing
  • Incomes not keeping pace with housing costs
  • Tightening housing market
  • Aging housing stock
  • Risk of expiring affordability in subsidized properties
  • Access to housing

Yes Now! Engaging is easy and can be done at many different levels.

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  3. Join the NHC Policy Committee and be on the front lines of our policy conversations with a broad group of other affordable housing stakeholders.
  4. Be prepared to engage with your legislator when NHC bills are in Committee…we’ll let you know!


Saturday, February 27
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Build Black Wealth Through Homeownership

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Monday, March 1
12:30-2:00 PM
The Hundred Plan in Action: Equitable Development in the Historic Westside
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Please join us on March 1 for a special virtual event. The HUNDRED Plan in Action: Equitable Development in the Historic Westside will provide an overview of this visionary place-based initiative designed to revitalize Las Vegas’ Historic Westside while preserving its cultural significance and residents.
Know Our District: Revitalizing Las Vegas’ Historic Westside, Joselyn Cousins, District Manager, Federal Reserve of San Francisco

Monday, April 5
Homelessness & Housing Awareness Day 2021 at the Legislature
More Information and Sign-ups for Virtual Office Visits HERE
Join us virtually on this important day to raise awareness about homelessness, the need for more affordable housing, and to advocate for policy solutions! This year’s events will include a virtual rally* and virtual office visits with state legislators and their staff and is being organized by the Nevada Homeless Alliance, the Nevada Housing Coalition, and Faith in Action NV.


January 21, 2021 LINK TO RECORDING
2021 Nevada Housing Legislative Preview Nevada Housing Coalition is leading efforts for five bills this session related to housing preservation, development, and access. Tune in for more information on these bills. We have also tapped some other housing leaders in Nevada to share their updates during this Zoom Webinar.
January 8, 2021 LINK TO RECORDING
Statewide Webinar Nevada Housing & COVID-19: The Next Phase State leaders provide an update on the CARES Act distributions for housing to-date and preview the  emergency rental assistance approved by Congress.


The Nevada Housing Coalition audience is growing, and we want to make sure to capture highlights from our members and any special announcements. If you are a member and have something to share, please submit your request to our Executive Director, christine.hess@nvhousingcoalition.org

Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 Program 2021 Lottery Opening March 8th and Closing March 15th

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